How do UV air filters work?

Fat particles produced during the heat treatment process are first retained by a mechanical filter. Air and small impurities that get outside the mechanical filter are subjected to UV rays, which cause a breakdown of fat particles into smaller ones (photolysis). Small molecules of fats and odours combine with ozone, transforming them into carbon dioxide, water and a small amount of fat dust (oxidation), which are removed with the exhausted air.

For the whole process to run smoothly, the air extracted from the kitchen must be exposed to ozone for a minimum of 2 seconds. To ensure this, for a given air flow we use the right number of outlet ports (cross-section) and the length of ventilation ducts.

The operation of HoodLight UV ™ technology additionally positively impacts the ventilation ducts, causing their purification.

In order for the UV air filter to function properly and ensure adequate safety for operation against ultraviolet radiation, the hood must have mechanical filters in place that meet the requirements of DIN18869-5 (Micro Drop).


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