Recuperation - heat recovery

In order to use hot air from the kitchen during the cooking process, one ought to apply perfect filtration of impurities, which the Dora Vent brand offers in its hoods. Combination of MicroDropTM and HoodLightTM technologies provides us with such possibilities.

Air getting into the recuperator does not cause its pollution, which results in maintaining its efficiency for the declared technical parameters. In addition, ozone affects the cleaning of ventilation ducts. The energy recovered from the hood is ideal for heating air or water.

Remember that huge amounts of air are extracted from the kitchen and they must thus be regained from the outside. In winter, the air must be heated, e.g. -20 ° C to about 16 ° C, which for the average kitchen alone will amount to approx. 10MWh per year.

NEW TECHNICAL CONDITIONS to be met by buildings:

Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure on technical requirements to be met by buildings and their location § 151 par. 1: "In general mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation or comfort air-conditioning installations with a capacity of 500m3 / h and more, it should be used for heat recovery from exhausted air with a temperature efficiency of at least 50%, or recirculation when it is allowed."


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