AirFresh ™ extension

AirFresh ™ - hood extension, developed and manufactured by Dora Vent, adapted to be mounted on any exhaust outlet nozzle of a hood. It is intended for rooms where there is no air extraction outside the room, and the air must be cleaned and re-injected into the room.

The AirFresh ™ extension consists of the following components:

  • plasma filter;
  • duct exhaust fan;
  • regulator for smooth fan speed regulation with a switch;
  • mechanical cover.

The main element of the hood extension is a revolutionary plasma filter. It is a self-cleaning air filter, consisting of the following blocks, placed in one housing:

  • Air ioniser;
  • fibreglass;
  • electrostatic panel;
  • carbon mat.

AirFresh ™ has been specifically designed for purifying air (e.g. cooking vapors) and can be easily and quickly attached to hoods, preferably to Dora Vent hoods.



When the exhaust fan is on, the air circulates. Initially, filters in MicroDrop ™technology, the so-called grease traps, remove heavy dirt particles from the air. Then the air stream is blown into the plasma filter.

The air flow is detected by a sensor that automatically turns on / off (activates) the work of the plasma filter. Depending on the air flow stream and the amount of polluted air (by steam, pollen, bacteria, moisture, odors, viruses and mold), ozone is produced. Ultimately, all the air is filtered once more by a carbon filter, the main task of which is to capture undecomposed ozone particles.


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