The fan can be installed only at the customer`s request at non-standard heights of fume hoods. The minimum height of the hood equals then H = 550 mm

The use of a fan in the hood is advisable in the absence of a collective fume system to which the hood could be connected. Due to the limited dimensions of the filtration chambers, the W1 fan was used in the wall hoods. Central hoods can be equipped with each of the three available types of fans, i.e. W1, W2 or W3. In order to select the right fan to match the specificity of a given room in which the hood is to operate, ventilation designer ought to be consulted. Fan power supply - single phase current, 230 V, 50 Hz, fan protection degree - IP 55

The fan efficiency control module allows for smooth adjustment of the fan capacity, it is mounted on the hood front.

ATTENTION: DORA METAL shall not be liable for any inconvenience caused by incorrect selection of the fan.




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